About Me

Hi, I’m Turner Tomlinson and after spending some time in both the oil and healthcare industries I ended up falling into freelance writing and website publishing as a side-job, and since then its grown to something a lot more compelling to me. I love being able to help people solve the simple, unique issues in a time-efficient way, and my work on this site has been a fun and rewarding project because it lets me do that. I lucky enough to count myself among homeowners, and also lucky enough to have all the problems and projects that comes with (lol!) so especially here on YourDIYBackyard.com, I like to document my upgrades and projects in a very simple way: I publish all the information I wish I was able to reference during the project that didn’t exist yet! Beyond backyard projects, though, I also write fiction in my spare time too, so if you’re interested have a look at my website.