These Are The Best Trampolines For The Whole Family!

No matter your age, getting the right amount of exercise is essential for maintaining good health. Luckily, backyard trampolines take the tediousness out of exercise and provide hours of fun for the entire family. Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent way to burn off excess energy, enjoy heart-pumping cardio, and help your children improve their coordination and balance. 

When it comes to above-ground trampolines, the Zupapa 10-Feet Trampoline is best for kids, while the Acon Sports Trampoline is more suitable for adults. However, if you’re looking for in-ground trampolines, opting for the Berg or the Standard in-ground trampoline is best. 

Before you purchase a trampoline, ensure you measure where you’re planning on setting it up so you don’t get a trampoline that doesn’t fit in your backyard. Let’s look at what trampolines are safe for kids and adults, whether above-ground are better than in-ground ones, and which models are the best, so you can have endless fun with your whole family. 

What Styles of Trampolines are Safe for Kids and Adults?

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While trampolines are incredibly fun, they pose a severe safety risk, especially for younger kids. For this reason, it’s best to choose a model that comes with the appropriate safety features.  

Trampolines designed with some net enclosure are incredibly safe for both kids and adults, as they prevent bouncers from falling over the edge. Some enclosures also help prevent kids from landing directly on the springs, while others are secured outside the trampoline’s frame and feature a padded cover to protect tiny fingers and toes.

If you’re planning on buying a mini-trampoline, choose one with a handrail that will offer additional stability and help keep you centered over the trampoline. 

Along with a handrail and a net enclosure, there are several other safety accessories you should look for when purchasing a trampoline, such as high-quality protective poles and higher-weight capacities, to prevent serious accidents. 

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground: Which is Better?

It’s important to note that in-ground and above-ground trampolines have their advantages, and the best type ultimately depends on your situation and personal needs. 

Above-Ground Trampolines 

Above-ground trampolines are more suitable for adults and those living in areas with no strong winds. They’re also easier to set up, much more portable, and cheaper than in-ground ones. 

However, these big lumps of metal, netting, and foam are usually brightly colored, which ruins the aesthetic of your backyard. 

In-Ground Trampolines 

On the other hand, in-ground trampolines keep a low profile and easily blend in with their surroundings, making them an attractive part of your backyard landscape.

They’re also safer to use and take up less space, so you can make room for them even if you have a medium-sized backyard. However, they’re extremely difficult to set up and move. 

The Winner? 

Overall, we believe that above-ground trampolines are the better type, while the in-ground ones are more suitable for those with kids or other more specific concerns.  

The Best Above-Ground Trampolines for Adults and Kids

Happy friends jumping on the trampoline in summer

If used with the proper supervision, high-quality trampolines are a fun, exhilarating, and overall great way to burn some calories in your backyard. To help you make the right decision, here are some of the best above-ground trampolines available today in terms of safety features, setup, maintenance, and value:

Best for Kids: Zupapa 10-Feet Trampoline

This 10-foot trampoline from Zupapa (on Amazon) offers a wonderful combination of safety and fun that families and parents can trust. It has been built to surpass the TUV and ASTM standards and is popular because of its high quality, reliability, and variety of sizing options.

To ensure jumping safety, the trampoline’s padded spring cover and jumping mat are designed to be gap-free, which means you won’t need to worry about your fingers or toes getting stuck in those pesky spaces. 

The trampoline also has a tall net enclosure to prevent jumpers from falling off the edge. Due to its spring volume and quality, it offers excellent jump quality, allowing you to achieve extra high jumps. 

This Zupapa trampoline is available in four sizes, so you can pick the model that best suits your backyard and personal needs. All sizes also are incredibly sturdy and able to accommodate multiple children. The eight-foot model can withstand up to 375 pounds, while the larger sizes can handle a weight of up to 425 pounds. 

However, the assembly can be difficult and take up to two hours. The good thing is that the frame locks itself into place without the help of any screws, ensuring it stays securely and firmly rooted to the ground.

Best for Adults: Acon Sport Trampoline

While most backyard trampolines have weight restrictions limiting their use to children, the Acon Air Sport Trampoline is suitable for everyone. In addition, it doesn’t have a single-user weight limit, which means any adult can jump on the durable, springy model. 

Thanks to this trampoline’s 140 galvanized steel springs and rectangular design, it offers an exceptional bounce. This means that even adults will have plenty of surface area and can bounce without worrying about damaging the structure or bottoming out.  

Acon’s trampolines are built to last, so this backyard addition will be well worth the premium price. In addition, its springs and polypropylene mat are backed by a five-year warranty, while the galvanized steel frame comes with a 10-year warranty. 

All parts are also completely replaceable, meaning the trampoline will last longer than other light-duty models, suitable for only a few seasons of use. 

Best Springless Trampoline: Springfree Square Trampoline

As the name suggests, this trampoline’s best feature is its innovative bounce mechanism. Rather than having conventional coil springs, the Springfree Square Trampoline (on Amazon) is designed with flexible composite rods that won’t pinch your fingers or toes. 

It also boasts Springfree’s proprietary SoftEdge padding, which helps eliminate all the hard edges around the jumping surface. Both these features combine to give you a larger and safer jumping surface. In addition, Springfree’s large 11-foot trampoline offers the same surface area as a traditional 14-foot spring trampoline.  

Along with a springless design, the trampoline also stands out because of its robust and sturdy enclosure. The mesh net has no metal poles that could cause injuries and gently pushes jumpers back to the jumping back’s center.  

While this model is much more expensive than most conventional spring trampolines, it also has one of the market’s best and most extended warranties. Every component, including the mat, safety net, frame, compression rods, and pads, is backed by the company’s warranty.

Best Fitness Trampoline: JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

Fitness trampolines are an excellent option for home gyms and outdoor training sessions. And while this fitness trampoline from JumpSport (on Amazon) might seem like a basic mini-trampoline, it comes with several features that make it perfect for rebound routines.

Its 39-inch frame comes with arched legs, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of the trampoline tipping over during a workout. Its heavy-duty elastic cords also offer a much smoother bounce than conventional steel springs and prevent your toes from pinching during a workout. 

This bungee system is much quieter than steel springs, so you won’t have to listen to annoying squeaks during your workout.

Depending on your mood, you can either use this JumpSport trampoline for simple bouncing or more trampoline-specific fitness routines. The package also comes with a workout DVD and free 60-day access to the company’s online workout ideas, making it one of the best fitness trampolines. 

The Best In-Ground Trampolines for Adults and Kids

In-ground trampoline on a lawn at the backyard in Utah

In-ground trampolines are outdoor trampolines that are sunk into the ground to provide additional stability. However, there is a wide range of them available, and to help make the buying process easier, here are two of the best ones:

Best Oval Trampoline: Berg In-Ground Trampoline

Boasting an 11-foot frame, the Berg In-Ground Trampoline (on Amazon) has a unique oval design that gives you more jumping space than a simple round-shaped one. Thanks to its V-shaped assembly and high-quality steel springs, it also offers an exceptional jumping experience.     

It has a safety enclosure net to help prevent jumpers from falling over the side and suffering from unexpected injuries. With 50% more air permeation than ordinary jumping mats, you’ll be able to do flips, somersaults, high jumps, weight loss, gymnastic exercises, cardio moves, and even rebounding sessions with this trampoline.    

This Berg trampoline can withstand a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds, which is more than enough for an 11-foot jumping mat. So you host trampoline parties without worrying about your kids clamoring for their turn. 

However, since the trampoline is constructed with alloy steel, it is expensive and will cost you more than $1300. The good news is that it has a lifetime warranty, so it might be worth the exuberant cost. 

Best for Gymnastics: Standard In-Ground Trampoline

If you have a large backyard, then this Standard In-Ground Trampoline (on Amazon) is something you should definitely consider. Its 15-foot jumping frame provides more than enough jumping space, while its stainless steel joints and screws ensure durability and longevity. 

The trampoline is also designed with a 14-gauge steel frame and 19-gauge steel wall panels to provide additional support during high jumps. This extra stability also means you won’t have to dig a huge hole in your backyard for the trampoline.  

Offering more than 20 times the airflow than other jumping mats on the market, this model significantly improves your bouncing experience. Its unique bungee system is also padded, putting minimal stress on your joints and making jumping on the trampoline safer.

The Berg trampoline also offers a maximum 450-pound weight capacity. This means that it’ll be able to handle multiple kids jumping on it at the same time. However, it does cost more than $1000, so it might not be suitable for those on a limited budget. 

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