Can You Use Outdoor Furniture Inside?

It’s a smart move to consider using your outdoor furniture inside. Outdoor furniture is often built with extra toughness, so it can withstand any wear and tear from pets and kids. With its space and money-saving benefits and its creative and comfortable designs, it makes sense to consider using such items inside.

Outdoor furniture works great indoors because it’s resistant to wear and tear, and it’s space efficient as well. You could bring a table and chairs inside to make a new workspace or create a meditation space. Wooden teak, wicker furniture, and Acapulco chairs are all great options to bring indoors.

Using outdoor furniture indoors is also a money-saving strategy. If you have multiple indoor spaces like a den, rec room, or living roomthat’s a great opportunity to bring your outdoor furniture for richer decorations. This is especially true during the winter months, the right time to carry the furniture into your flex space.

Can You Use Outdoor Furniture as Indoor Furniture?

Outdoor patio area with white benches and wooden floor

Yes, you can use outdoor furniture inside. In recent years, outdoor furniture has become a valuable asset for many homeowners. It’s now an instrumental component in reinventing your backyard into a center of social gathering for family and friends.

They now come with great artwork, detail, and sophistication and have the features of fashionable and architecturally advanced structures. A lot of outdoor furniture would work great as indoor furniture as well!

Some of the durable outdoor furniture includes sturdy and classic wrought iron furniture, aluminum furniture, actual wood and polymer, and plastic furniture. Beyond the durable core material, there are a few other things you need to consider when considering outdoor furniture indoor.

The first consideration is to prioritize comfort. You will also need to match your house’s interior design. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of designs and styles.

Color scheme and texture are critical factors for making sure that your outdoor furniture is going to match your interior design.

Is there a Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Furniture?

There is a substantial difference between indoor and outdoor furniture. The first difference involves the durability and lifespan of each piece of furniture.

Outdoor furniture is designed with weather and other extreme elements in mind and requires more maintenance than indoor furniture. The color of indoor furniture fades faster, though this depends on the type of wood in use.

Teak is one of the best furniture wood with a natural resistance against insects, decay, moisture, and extreme elements while requiring less care and providing great comfort.

When other wood types are used for furniture, they are often coated with varnish to protect them from damages. However, it is important to note that such varnish is not comparable to natural Teak oil in protecting outdoor furniture against decay, insect, moisture, et cetera. 

Another difference is the price. Indoor furniture seems more expensive than outdoor furniture. Beyond appearance, outdoor furniture has more versatility and functionality than indoor furniture.

For example, your dining table would appear out of place anywhere else outside your dining room, but your set of wooden outdoor tables and chairs would fit anywhere you set them. Even inside!

Another main difference between the two types of furniture is in their appearance. Indoor furniture is designed with fashionable appearance and comfort in mind, but outdoor furniture looks rugged and solid. That’s because it’s made to withstand extreme weather elements.

Also, the wood used is typically different. Woods for indoor furniture are usually darker in color and have low to medium strength. Outdoor furniture wood usually compliments the outdoor environment and has medium to high strength. 

What are the Benefits of Using Outdoor Furniture Inside?

Outdoor white table and sofas on terrace overlooking sea

1. Resistance to Wear, Tear, and Stains 

Children can easily tear, break and spill things. It’s only natural for them! One of the best lasting solutions to protecting your furniture from them is to use outdoor furniture indoors. That’s because outdoor furniture is designed to withstand serious wear and tear.

This will also help you reduce the long hours you spend cleaning up stains and messes. Outdoor furniture is built to last, and it’s made with resilient materials that withstand extreme conditions.

Outdoor furniture is also reinforced with metals to give you peace of mind, knowing that the outdoor fabrics are stain-resistant and are often machine-washable and easy to clean.

2. Stylish Designs

Classic designs of outdoor furniture now feature modern finishing. Even retro designs come with a touch of contemporary and traditional fashion. The growing trend of outdoor lifestyle is drawing the attention of landscapers, designers, and homeowners.

Outdoor furniture now features stylish designs that come in several patterns, themes, styles, and configurations. Whether it is nesting furniture, sectional sets, day beds, lounge chairs, or wonderful dining sets, fashionable outdoor furniture features unique designs that will suit any interior home decoration. 

3. Money- and Space-Efficient

There is no need to swap your existing furniture with outdoor furniture. You can simply use it to complement the amazing decorations in your room or use it in rooms with no furnishing. This implies you will spend no money on additional furniture items since your outdoor furniture will fit in. In the same vein, outdoor furniture is also space-efficient.

Not only is it more compact and less bulky, but it’s also great for increasing the amount of space you have inside. Most patio furniture will take up less space compared with indoor furniture.

4. Increase Your Furniture’s Lifespan

Homeowners often consider storing their outdoor furniture inside to protect it from snow and winter, especially in countries where climate change impacts are high. Transitioning your outdoor furniture into indoor furnishing is a great way to make the most of your furniture investment.

This helps you to use the furniture all year round while increasing its lifespan since the indoor environment is better regulated in comparison with the outdoor situation. 

How to Incorporate Outdoor Furniture Indoors

1. Chairs and Dining Switch 

If you can visualize a corner of your master bedroom with a free space, you can furnish it with a chair and table to fill the room with the calm and the lush it deserves. The set could serve as reading, coffee, et cetera, furniture. In the same vein, outdoor chairs are durable.

You can swap your latest dining set with more textured or patterned dining chairs. And where you don’t wish to touch your dining areas, you can also create a new workspace in your sitting corner. 

2. Integrate Plants and Pots

Reusing plants and pots indoors will add a unique touch to your indoor furnishing. Imagine the challenge of transition from summer to fall and the fading of life; color and the setting in of chills. A good way to add the desired touch for a better transition is to bring plants that are tolerant of shade and temperature.

It’s time to use the outdoor pots you have probably filled with soil. Clean up your pots, replace the soil with organic fertilizer and compost to increase the nutrient profile of the soil, and introduce indoor-friendly plants.

I suggest putting a saucer at the base of your pot featuring holes. You can also fill the pot with two inches of small rocks at the bottom to prevent root rot from poor drainage and excessive moisture. 

3. Transit with Outdoor Pillows Indoor 

There are moments you may not want to jettison summer brightness while not adding the color of fall. The best way to handle the transition is to bring in some of your outdoor pillows indoors.

This way, you will make the seasonal transition easy with brighter interiors. How can this be possible? Simple – thoroughly wash your pillow covers and use them in the playroom, dining or kitchen areas, side chair, bed, sofa, etc. 

4. Indoor Meditation Space and Nook 

You can create a meditation space with your outdoor pillows. These pillows are oversized and perfect for seating with stain-resistant fabric. Why not throw them in your favorite floor corner for a comfy meditation space.

This is transforming a forgotten or used space into an amazing corner that makes you come alive with fresh energy. If you are still in doubt, an accent chair with a throw blanket and pillow will be perfect.

Which Outdoor Furniture Would be the Best to Use Indoors? 

From wooden teak, wicker furniture, Acapulco chairs, egg, and beanbag chairs, you can recreate any desired natural theme. For instance, wicker furniture is perfect for a beach style while the wooden teak furniture suits home-like rustic or farmhouse style.

The Acapulco chairs a stylish, comfortable, modern, and versatile chairs that can be both indoor and outdoor. 

Another outdoor piece of furniture that’s suitable for indoor is modern-styled resin-resistant patio furniture sectionals. These wicker types, either modern or budget-friendly sectionals, are suitable for playrooms, rec rooms, et cetera. Outdoor hanging egg chairs and bean bag chairs can make a great statement indoors.

They create amazing places you can read a book, relax or take a nap. Bean bag chairs can make brilliant kids’ rooms, game rooms, stapes of den when furnished with modern fabrics. Hammock swing chairs can add a peculiar touch to your interior, especially if you have a suspension hook inside. 

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