Do You Need to Cover Outdoor Furniture?

Patio furniture converts any backyard, deck, or lawn into a comfortable and relaxing space. However, this does not come without risk in the form of damage. Especially when the outside furniture is left exposed to the sun, rain, or snow. And since these articles of furniture can be hefty investments, it’s good to take whatever steps you reasonably can to preserve them.

Covering your outdoor furniture is a great way to protect it from harsh weather, UV rays, and damage from animals over time. Heavy duty tarps will work, but purpose-made patio covers are better. They’re more expensive, but also made with better material and are easier to use.

When it comes to outdoor furniture covers, there isn’t one size that fits all. If you have an overhand, your furniture may be safe from most weather but still benefit from a light covering. If you have a weatherproof tarp just laying around, that will work, but you have to be mindful of actually securing the tarp over the furniture securely. Let’s look at all the options, so you can make a more informed decision!

Do I Need to Cover My Outdoor Furniture?

Summer furniture under cover

Yes, you do. Considering the financial investment of buying outdoor furniture and the cost required to replace it if damaged, you should do everything you can to make it last.

The best way to preserve outdoor furniture is to cover it up when not in use. Getting a cover is also super important, and you need to make sure it’s the right size. If the cover is too small, it won’t offer adequate protection.

If it’s too large, it’ll take up too much space. Here are some of the things outdoor covers protect your patio furniture from.

Bad Weather

It’s advisable to cover them up when not in use or in bad weather because they can be costly and a major hassle to maintain or replace. It is essential to use quality layered patio covers when protecting fabrics and other moisture-absorbing materials.

Condensation or accumulation of moisture

Patio furniture deteriorates faster when it absorbs condensation, moisture, or water. The accumulation typically leads to mold formation on the upholstery. Mold will form, and it can ruin the fabric of your furniture. To prevent moisture buildup, ensure that you use a furniture cover that has a waterproof layer.

Exposure to UV rays

Repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays damages the coatings and fabrics of your patio furniture. However, by covering up your table with suitable patio covers, you can maintain its freshness and design for a very long time. By doing so, you’re also preserving the value of said furniture.

Protection from Animal Damage

Besides protection from foul weather and sunlight, the furniture cover protects your furniture from wild animals or playful pets. Claws and teeth don’t mix well with polished wood and upholstery and fabric. Leaving your patio furniture uncovered when you aren’t there could lead to animal damage. By using an outdoor furniture cover, you can keep animals at bay.

What is the Difference between Patio Furniture Covers and Tarps?

Many do not know the difference between a tarpaulin (commonly referred to as a tarp) and a patio cover. While they both have many similarities in design and function, some features still set them apart.

Yes, their primary function is to shield objects from outer elements that could cause damage. For example, they both protect against UV ray exposure. However, their other main features differ drastically.

Here, we take a look at those differences to help you understand which to use depending on your needs.

Patio CoverTarp
While the tarp can function for almost every piece of furniture and more, the patio cover is usually one piece per furniture.Tarps are multipurpose covers that protect not just furniture but vehicles, plants, dishes, etc.
The size of the patio cover fitted to the item it should cover—for example, chair, fireplace, tables, etc.They come in a bigger size range to accommodate vehicles such as RVs. 
Furniture covers cost considerably higher than tarps.They are very affordable because of their polythene build. 
Since they are designed specifically for exterior furniture, they fit them perfectly.Tarps are used for numerous covering purposes, so they might not perfectly fit outdoor furniture unless custom-made. 
Patio covers have angles that prevent water pools. Pressure damage could occur due to a pool of water formed when covering a wide area. 

What are the Best Covers for Outdoor Furniture?

One thing that sets patio covers apart from alternatives like tarps is what they’re used for. Patio covers have specific functions. You can even get them custom-made for different kinds of furniture. There are patio covers made for all types of outdoor furniture. You can find the following:

Best Patio Covers for Chairs

Before we review some of the best patio covers for chairs, we need to consider things to look out for when buying a furniture cover. Those things are the material of the surface, size, and whether the cover is waterproof or not.

Vantage Heavy Duty Patio Sofa Cover (on Amazon)

This furniture cover offers the best protection for your patio or outside chairs. It is made from polyester oxford fabric. Some of the reasons why this particular brand is recommended are:

  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Available in five sizes
  • Has adjustable straps

These qualities ensure protection for your chairs from moisture, rain, and water. They’re easy to use in that it only takes one person to cover a chair with one of them. The only disadvantage of the Vantage Heavy Duty is that it doesn’t cover the legs of the chairs.

Best Patio Covers for Patio Tables

Suppose you are thinking of covering your patio dining or coffee tables. In that case, you should consider the ULTCOVER 600D Tough Canvas Durable Square Patio Table and Chairs Cover (on Amazon). This patio cover is made from polyester, is waterproof, and comes in various sizes. The only color it comes in is black.

Best Patio covers for Fire Pits

If you don’t want to put your outdoor fire pit in the basement or garage during the winter, then you should consider getting a furniture cover for it. The Classic Accessories furniture cover (on Amazon) does a great job protecting them from harsh weather. Classic Accessories covers have various elastic loops combined with a cinched hem and are waterproof.

Best Patio Covers for Hot Tub & Spas

The best hot tub covers come in polyester, vinyl, ripstop fabric, and oxford canvas. These materials offer varying degrees of water resistance. Here are three of the best hot tub covers.

ULTCOVER Hot Tub Cover Outdoor

The ULTCOVER is one of the most sought-after hot tub covers. Made with the 600D polyester material, with an additional waterproof layer to ensure no water gets through. The cover is two air vents on opposite sides to aid airflow and prevent it from getting blown off by a gust of wind.

ULTCOVER comes in light brown and black, has a three-year warranty, and comes in various sizes. You can get this hot tub cover on Amazon.

Hima Hot Tub Cover

With a similar appearance, the Hima Hot Tub Cover (on Amazon) is a budget version of the famous ULTCOVER cover. Also made from 600D polyester, the Hima hot tub cover is made with poly-coating to help with waterproofing. The hot tub cover also has two air vents that prevent condensation and lift during windy conditions.

This cover has two color and size options for you to choose from.

What is the Best Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Cover?

Patio furniture Cover protecting outdoor furniture from snow

The ULTCOVER 600D Tough Canvas Durable Square Patio Table and Chairs Cover(on Amazon) is a strong, durable patio cover that offers protection to your furniture. It has a waterproof layer, canvas weave, and 600D polyester material to make this cover solid and stable.

Apart from its durability, here are some things that make ULTCOVER one of the best.

  • Comes in six sizes
  • UV resistant
  • Has structured vents for aeration, preventing condensation, and protecting against wind lift
  • Has drawcords to make tightening easier.

The only drawback is that it can only be hand washed. Still, ULTCOVER 600D Tough Canvas tops our list because it offers excellent protection to your patio furniture from UV rays water, and it is durable.


Using patio covers for your outside furniture is an inexpensive and less laborious way to protect your furniture. Imagine having to move all your patio furniture during the rain, snow, or when you aren’t around when the alternative is to cover with the right patio cover.

No matter the patio furniture, there’s the right fit for you. Make sure that the furniture cover is the right size and waterproof. Also, handle gently to prolong the lifespan of the furniture cover.

If you are thinking about getting furniture for your patio or already have and are worried about protecting them. Don’t fret. Get an outside furniture cover today.

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