What Is A Hose Quick Connector And How Do You Use It?

Keeping your yard and garden in good shape can be tough, especially when it comes to watering the plants on a regular basis. However, the benefits of watering at the right time are enormous, and as such, you’re left with no choice but to do it. Thankfully, some tools and accessories can make this process easier and faster. One such tool is a hose quick connector.

A hose quick connector helps to connect various fittings that are found on the end of hoses and link them to various water sources quickly. The connector can be made from either plastic or metal (usually brass). The installation process is straightforward and can be done with bare hands.

Getting the perfect garden hose quick connector can help turn stressful outside chores into a pleasant and relaxing experience. However, there are different types of fittings and fixtures for garden hoses, and things can get a bit confusing. Let’s take a look at what a hose quick connector is and how to install one to your garden hose.

What Is a Hose Quick Connector?

Plastic hose connector connected to a pressure

A hose quick connector is a piece of lawn or gardening equipment that you had no idea you needed. It saves you from the stress of figuring out which garden hose fitting works with different hoses and makes the process of watering your lawn much easier.

A hose quick connector works with fittings attached at the end of the hose and connects them to a water source. A hose quick connector can also connect two different hoses to form a much longer hose, and it can be used for hose nozzles, which makes putting everything together easier without the need for additional tools.

How to Install a Quick Connector to Your Garden Hose

A significant advantage of using a hose quick connector is its ease of installation — there are no complex steps involved. It’s quick, convenient, and saves time when you’re in a rush. The water pipe, hose quick connector, and faucet are all installed by the bare hands without the need for any tool.

Hose quick connector fittings have a ‘water stop’ feature. This feature can be described as an automatic valve that helps to shut off the water when nothing is connected to the hose, and the water tap is still on.

This implies that you can easily disconnect an attachment and attach a new one. Water won’t come out of the open end due to the flow inhibitor present in the quick connectors. This will save you quite some time and many back-and-forth trips to the tap.

Irrespective of the quick connector you’re using, it’s advised to use plumber’s tape (on Amazon) when making hose connections. This will help to prevent the over-tightening of the pieces.

Use a male and female connector and screw them to the existing hose connectors. After this, pull the female connector’s spring-loaded ring back and then insert the male into the female one. While pushing it all the way, release the spring-loaded ring to connect the pieces.

With a quick connector, you can connect and disconnect the hose from the sprinkler and connect and disconnect easily from a water source. You can also attach the nozzle of your choice and connect multiple hoses using a very easy-to-use system.

Do All Connectors Fit All Hoses?

The standard 3/4-inch fittings fit all types of garden hoses. It’s also perfect for faucets, hose bibs, and watering devices such as pressure washers and garden hose connectors.

What Material Is Best for a Quick Connector?

If you spend a fair amount of time outside using your garden hoses, then a suitable hose quick connector is a great piece of equipment to own. A common question people ask is what material is best for a quick connect.

Here we will look at the different models and materials for quick connectors and help you decide which one is best for your garden. The outer part of your hose quick connector can be made from two materials: metal or plastic.


This is the most commonly used metal, although brass-colored fixtures made from aluminum or weaker metals and colored to look like brass can also be used. Therefore, it’s essential to know the difference when setting out to buy one. A solid brass fitting is the most popular, and this is because it’s very durable, easy to use, and rust-resistant.

You can also have a completely solid metal casing with the only other material used being rubber or a synthetic rubber washer inside. Some other hose connectors have a metal outer casing and a plastic inner casing, which will ultimately affect the product’s durability. Therefore, you need to check the attachment clearly before you buy.


Plastic is the second primary material from which a garden hose connector can be made. Many durable plastics have been treated for UV resistance and are produced from combinations of materials that can tolerate low temperatures.

However, it is generally known that plastics are not as hard-wearing as metals and this is even more true if your hose quick connect may be dropped frequently, as this will cause it to crack and distort with time. A typical example of a plastic quick hose connect is the Melnor 65098-AMZ QuickConnect (on Amazon).

The Best Quick Connectors

The yellow connector for a hose

Here are some of our favorite quick connectors:

Eley Brass Quick Connect

Eley Brass Quick Connect is a high-end connector that will allow you to connect your garden hoses with nozzles, sprinklers, and just about any water accessory or hookup. The Eley Brass Quick Connect is the top pick for the best hose quick connect for your watering and gardening needs.

It is manufactured by professionals using high-quality brass and excellent precision. It is very solid and can last for years; the product has a warranty of 10 years. The set comprises the female and male ends and consists of a water stop function. Still, you should note that it is not damage-proof, and as such, some units may get damaged over time.


The 09QCGT 2-piece quick connector (on Amazon) is a solid and durable two-piece set made from solid brass. It is best for water spigots as it easily hooks up to garden hoses and sprayers.

This model comes together with basic connectors for the male and female accessories. It can also fit into a spray nozzle, sprinkler, and any other standard fitting accessory that you can think of.

If you want to buy a good quick connect with zero plastic in its construction and at an affordable price, then this connector is a good choice for you.


If you’re not a fan of heavy brass connects, then the Claber 8458 Quick Connect Set (on Amazon) is a better option for you. It is a lightweight connector that still retains the heavy-duty nature of brass. It is manufactured from UV stabilized ABS and PP plastic and has undergone pressure tests for leaks up to 145 psi.

It’s not, however, the best choice for those who live in colder climates, as it can’t be left in temperatures below 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, it’s a cost-efficient backup for summer cabins. It can be used interchangeably with most of the other systems.

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