How To Get Warm Water Via Your Garden Hose

Cold water straight from your hose has many uses outdoors, and there’s often no need for hot water. However, there are some outdoor activities and tasks where warmer water can come in handy. For instance, you might need warm water to fill up your pool or water your plants. So, how can you get warmer water from your hose?

You can make your hose water warmer by leaving the hose out in the sun, but a better method is to connect the hose to a sink in your house. To do this, you need to use a hose adapter. If you prefer to have direct access to hot water outside, you can also install a hot water tap.

Having access to hot water in your yard or garden can make a big difference. Besides filling a pool and caring for your plants, there are a range of other uses for warm water. Let’s look at other reasons you might want hot water from your hose and what you need to know to have an outside hot water tap.

Why You Might Want Hot Water From Your Hose

Water garden

Cold water doesn’t always do the trick when it comes to everyday tasks in the yard, garden, or another outdoor space. Here are some of the instances where hot water can be very useful:

Cleaning Your Dog

When spending time outside with your dog, it’s a great opportunity to also give them a good wash. This is better done outside, and with warm water. Dogs usually shake off immediately after you bathe them, and if that’s done indoors, they can wet the entire house and get their hair everywhere. Therefore, an outdoor hot/warm water hose is a perfect alternative.

Washing Your Car

Washing dishes and other utensils with hot water provides better dirt removal. The heated water dissolves stuck dirt better than cold water. Warm water also soaps more easily.

The same applies when it comes to washing your car. Warm water gets grime, tar, and bird poop off the vehicle and out of the crevices.

Washing your car with hot water also helps save time.

Keeping the Yard Clean

After doing the routine mowing of the lawn, there’s bound to be some grass and dirt that ended up where you don’t want it. You can easily wash away this debris with medium pressure hot water from an outdoor hose.

Filling the Pool

Swimming in a freezing pool can be pretty uncomfortable. Instead of waiting several hours for the sun to warm up the pool, hot water outdoor hoses can be used to dilute a cold pool and make it more suitable for swimming. Using your hose, you can also fill your pool with warm or hot water.

Watering the Plants

Some plants are cold-sensitive and won’t thrive if they come in contact with cold water. When the weather drops, you’ll need warm water for these plants.

Cleaning Off

After a long day outside, the hands, feet, shoes, and other exposed body parts can harbor dirt and grime. Hot water is great for washing off before you enter the house.

How Do You Get Hot Water From a Garden Hose?

The flow of water from the hose

Now that we’ve established that there are several reasons you might want hot water from your hose, let’s also talk about how you can get access to that hot water. The traditional method is to leave your garden hose out in the sun until it’s hot. The hot hose will, in turn, warm the water.

While this method works, you can only use it if you need a small quantity of warm water. Also, it takes some time for the hose to get hot, and water in the hose can get really hot. These are different reasons why the traditional method might not work.

A better and much faster way to get hot water through a garden hose is to connect it to the sink. It’s that simple! However, since a hose won’t fit on your typical sink, you’ll need an adapter.

With an adapter like the Danco Multi-Thread Garden Hose Adapter (on Amazon), you can attach your hose to the sink, even in an apartment. Remove the spigot aerator, connect the adapter, and hook up the garden hose. From there, you can get hot water through the hose and out into the garden. Hooking up your hose to the sink will also allow you to regulate the water temperature.

Can You Have an Outside Hot Water Tap?

Outside hot water taps are rarely found in most homes and residential areas. They are usually used at the commercial level. But it’s certainly possible to have a hot water tap installed outside. It’s even recommended to do so, as you’ll have easy access to hot water whenever you need it outdoors, especially when the weather gets cold.

If you want to install the tap yourself, you need to get the right size and comply with all the necessary specifications. However, it’s better to contact a professional plumber. They have the skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure that your outdoor water taps meet all specifications and aren’t exposed to contaminants.

But just like every outdoor plumbing system, you’ll need to have your hot water outdoor faucet winterized to keep it in good working condition.

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