How To Style Outdoor Lighting For Patios

Exterior home lighting is a crucial element to your home’s style, aesthetic, and safety. Over time, different styles and designs have been replaced, creating incohesive home designs. Just like other DIY projects, cohesive and stylized lighting fixtures will transform and update the look of your house.

The choice of outdoor lighting is up to the homeowner. However, matching outdoor lighting can create more cohesive spaces, improve the look of your home, and increase property value. Combining similar sizes, materials, traits, and designs are just a few ways to match outdoor lighting.

No one is going to stop you if you want to mix and match bright colors, designs, and materials. However, if you’re concerned about creating a more cohesive and fluid home design, this article is for you. Here’s what you need to know about outdoor lighting for patios.

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Evening on the patio of beautiful suburban house with lights in the garden garden

Outdoor patio lighting can completely transform the way you see and use your outdoor space. Proper exterior lighting is crucial to hosting guests, moving around freely, and your safety. With all the different styles and designs, it can be hard to pinpoint what mood you’re trying to create.

Bold, attention-grabbing hanging light fixtures will create a different impression as opposed to portable tiki torches. There is bound to be a product that fits your needs, whether you’re looking to create the perfect backyard retreat or simply want to add a bit of light to your backyard.

Use Pendant Lights

For a modern yet simple touch to your outdoor patio, consider pendant lights (on Amazon). The correct pendant light fixture can transform your outdoor space, creating the perfect atmosphere for hosting parties and events.

Pendant lights come in a variety of styles, finishes, and materials. Not to mention, this style of exterior lighting is easy to maintain and install.

Consider Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting (on Amazon) can be a simple way to showcase gardens, flowers, and other foliage. You can also use this style of lighting as a practical way to create paths and walkways.

Floodlights and spotlights will reveal larger areas and trees. Smaller, more localized lights will work better for pathing and garden beds.

Landscape lights come in a wide variety of options. You can find low-voltage, solar-powered, and LED lighting options. You can even find outdoor landscape lighting kits that come with nearly everything you need to get started.

Get Creative With Candles, Torches, and Other Decorative Lights

Candles can provide gentle accent lighting with a soft glow. Arrange candles together on your patio or end table for a more stand-out look. Opt for flameless or LED candles (on Amazon) if you have small children or pets running around.

Decorative torches (on Amazon), tiki lights, and other specialty fixtures can add a festive flair to your outdoor environments. This style of lighting is lighthearted and suits nearly any budget. However, these fixtures can come with open flames, so practice caution if necessary.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes less is more. Utilizing outdoor lighting that’s simple, elegant, and eye-catching is a great way to innovate your outdoor space.

Try adding visual texture with a geometric chandelier as a focal point. Or use sleek metals like aluminum to add to a modern and minimalist design.

Create Focal Points

Using a focal point in your outdoor space will prevent you from going off the deep end as you’re combining different fixtures and elements. Focal points are areas of interest or emphasis meant to capture the viewer’s focus.

Focal points give viewers a spot where they can rest their eyes and enjoy their visual creation. These areas are crucial for creating a unique and inviting space.

When designing your outdoor space, create a focal point using a light fixture. Make sure the other light fixtures and elements don’t distract from your focal point.

You can select statement pieces such as a large chandelier, basketweave pendants, or other specialty lights. Adding smaller lighting fixtures in the surrounding area will support your focal point.

Choose Complementary Colors

Colors play a huge role in the overall aesthetics of your home and its curb appeal. If you aren’t using lighting fixtures with complementary colors to your home, you’re at risk of creating an incohesive and unappealing space.

Select outdoor lights that match and compliment the color of your home. Matching colors is fundamental if you’re adding fixtures to the side of your house facing the public.

For instance, if your home is painted a neutral shade, choose fixtures that come in a lighter or darker hue. If you want to add specialty lights to your orange-colored gazebo, choose fixtures in similar shades.

Think About The Size and Placement

It’s essential to consider the size and location of your outdoor space when choosing light fixtures. Lights that are too small will go unnoticed, effectively adding nothing to the space. Light fixtures that are too large are at risk of overpowering some areas.

For the best results, try and keep all your light fixtures on the same scale. Using similar-sized light fixtures will ensure they serve their purpose without taking away from your property or outdoor space.

Opposites Attract When It Comes To Metals

Metal finishes are a popular option when it comes to exterior light fixtures. Metal fixtures are more likely to be scratch and chip-resistant, which adds to their overall longevity. Not to mention, this style of light fixture is budget-friendly and works well with nearly any home design.

With this style of design, opposites definitely attract. This means you can mix, match, and combine metal light fixtures. Consider mixing glossy finishes with matte. Or try mixing warm metal tones with cool shades.

Combining different metal elements and finishes adds layers of visual interest to your outdoor space. Be sure to practice solid design fundamentals when doing so to create cohesive looks.

Use Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns (on Amazon) can be a welcome addition to your patio. This type of lighting fixture is incredibly versatile, as it comes in a wide range of styles, designs, and materials. You can find post lights, hanging lights, and even LED options.

Try using rustic lanterns to add a farmhouse feel to your backyard. Or, consider going with a clean, polished, or stylized lantern for a more modern feel. Lanterns also make excellent outdoor lighting options as you can typically adjust the light output.

Hang String Lights

Utilizing hanging string lights (on Amazon) can transform a patio, resulting in a more inviting and welcoming space. String lights are an excellent option to consider as they’re inexpensive, easy to install, and versatile.

Use outdoor string lighting as a compliment to cottage-style patios. Try allowing your lights to drape towards your patio table for a gentle yet rustic approach to lighting. You can also hang this style of light from a railing, beam, or even your pergola.

If the string lights aren’t enough on their own, you can pair them with other light sources. If you’re going this route, consider making the string lights your focal point. Use smaller, similarly designed light fixtures with complementary elements to create a cohesive look.

Is it Possible to Have Outdoor Patio Lighting Without Electricity?

Beautiful Outdoor Patio - Courtyard

Outdoor patio spaces can be great places to hang out, host guests, and lounge around. However, lack of proper lighting can negatively impact the space, reducing its functionality and appeal.

Luckily, you still have options for lighting if your outdoor patio doesn’t have electricity running to it. Here are a few of the possibilities for exterior lighting without power.

Incorporate Solar Powered String Lights

Solar-powered lighting is a no-brainer if you’re looking for outdoor lighting that won’t break the bank. The solar light batteries draw enough power from the sun’s rays during the day, so they can provide wireless illumination at night.

Proper usage of solar-powered patio lights can be an innovative and inexpensive way to transform an outdoor space.

Consider solar-powered string lights (on Amazon) for an electricity-free option. You can even use color solar-powered string lights to create unique spaces, moods, and atmospheres. You can hang these lights from railings, beams, or even atop a pergola.

Solar-powered string lights are also easy to set up because they don’t have any wires, cables, or cords. Be sure to install your solar-powered light fixtures near areas you plan to spend considerable amounts of time around, such as barbecues, bars, or other seating arrangements.

Try Battery Powered Lights

If you’re looking for a modern way to light up your patio without electricity, consider battery-powered lights (on Amazon). The battery-powered design allows you to find the perfect style without the hassle of installation and constant maintenance.

However, the one disadvantage to battery-powered lights is that you’ll have to change the battery periodically. This can be frustrating for the “set it and forget it” type of personality. If you opt for battery-powered motion-sensing lights, you won’t have to change the batteries as often.

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