Is Spraying Someone With A Hose Illegal?

We’ve all felt the urge to spray someone with water when we’ve got a hose in hand, whether it’s just for fun or because they’re getting on your nerves. But before you direct your hose at another person, you should know that there are potential legal consequences for this action.

In our litigious world, even spraying someone with a hose can be illegal depending on the circumstances. Spraying someone with a hose against their will can be considered battery. Threatening to spray someone and following through could be assault & battery.

This law might not apply every time an individual sprays another person with a hose, as not everyone considers the action provocative. In any case, it’s better to be careful; it’s hard to know what annoys every other person.

Is It Against the Law to Spray Someone With Water?

Couple playing with a garden hose and spraying each other outside in the garden

Yes, it is. As we mentioned earlier, if the victim of water spray finds the action offensive, they are within their legal right to take you to court for battery, and the law might punish the offender accordingly. It doesn’t matter the reason behind the action.

There are different things that are likely to happen when someone is taken to court for spraying water on another individual. Some of these includes:

  • Arrest: Once the report is made to the police, you could be arrested, just like John, who was arrested and was later sentenced to a 3-month good behavior bond with a fine of $300 on each charge of spraying both his neighbor and boyfriend.
  • Payment of Fine: Since the person made offensive and physical contact with the victim, the assailant may be asked to pay a fine as high as $500 if there’s proof of the attack.
  • Mandatory Visit: Some people suddenly spray people with a hose for no reason, which can make the person wonder if the offender is mentally sound. Because of this, the person may be ordered to visit a mental health care specialist for a while in addition to their sentence.

It’s important to note that before the assailant is convicted of spraying someone with water by the court, there should be proof on hand.

If you’re the victim of a spray attack, you could also have a legal authority (like a police officer) warn the offender of their wrong actions.

Funny little boy with his father watering plants and playing with garden hose

Also, you should avoid spraying someone with a hose. Remember that the law is for everyone, so you can also be taken to court if you’re found on the wrong side of the law.

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