Outdoor Lighting Ideas For The Front Of The House

Exterior home lighting is crucial to your home’s style, aesthetic, and safety. Over time, different styles and designs may have been replaced at different times, creating an incohesive home design. Just like other DIY projects, cohesive and stylized lighting fixtures will transform and update the look of your house.

The choice of outdoor lighting comes down to personal preference, style, and budget. However, you should always start with fixtures designed for the outdoors. Consider highlighting your landscaping, garage, or other key elements. You can use different fixtures such as pendants and lanterns.

The lights you choose for the front of your home are going to affect its curb appeal, resale value, and overall vibe. Some styles of lights create warm and welcoming atmospheres, while other products do the complete opposite. Sounds like a lot to consider, right? Don’t worry – here are the best outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your home!

Ways to Light the Front of Your House

Modern house at night

Effective exterior lighting creates curb appeal and makes your home feel fluid, connected, and welcoming. When done improperly, outdoor lights can quickly become tacky, uninviting, and ineffective.

Thankfully, with all the different options to light the front of your home, you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to find what works for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when lighting the front of your house.

Start With Exterior Lights

Although it may seem obvious, the first thing you should consider is using exterior lights. Exterior lights are options that are specifically designed with the outdoors in mind.

These lights are better suited for heavy storms, harsh weather conditions, and other environmental damages. Starting with the correct type of fixture ensures the longevity of your outdoor light.

Light the Front Door

Front door lighting is an essential element to the overall appeal of your house. These lights welcome you and your guests home, setting the mood and atmosphere. Not to mention, front door lights serve a functional purpose.

Front door lights prevent you from tripping in the dark and help keep you safe from anyone with bad intentions.

Front Door Hanging Lights

Some options for illuminating your front door include hanging lanterns, pendants, and chandeliers. These styles of exterior lighting (on Amazon) are excellent for tall entryways, as they fill up the space nicely.

If you have a tall entryway and don’t use an adequately sized light, you risk your front door becoming unwelcoming and creepy.

Front Door Post Lights

Exterior lighting on columns or posts (on Amazon) makes an excellent solution as well. These styles of exterior lights are great for homes with front porches and decks. Using columns, posts, or beams for your exterior lighting can add a sense of elegance to your curb appeal.

Front Door Mounted Lights

Mounted front door lights (on Amazon) are one of the more common solutions available. These styles of lights come in a wide array of designs and sizes. Be sure to purchase lights that match the personality of both you and your home.

Use Pathway Lights

Lights running along the sides of your pathway can be another beautiful and functional solution. Pathway lights create an inviting, warm, and safe aura that gives your guests peace of mind when approaching your front door.

Not to mention, this option can be excellent for lighting uneven paths that may cause someone to trip in the dark.

Utilize Garden Lights

Garden lights illumination

One of the solutions to pathway lighting is garden lights. Garden lights (on Amazon) typically come with a light shade and aren’t much larger than 24 inches. Most of these lights curve downward, while others cast a silhouette. You can also find garden light sets for a seamless solution.

Consider Downlighting

If you don’t like the exposed bulb from garden lights, you can always opt for downlighting. Downlighting (on Amazon) has the advantage of concealed bulbs.

Concealed bulbs illuminate the path in front of your feet without shining in your eye. Downlighting is a modern, clean, and elegant solution.

What About Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights (on Amazon) can make another excellent exterior lighting solution. Bollard lights offer 360-degrees of illumination. These lights typically look like a vertical pole with a light bulb on top.

Flush Lights Are Low-Profile

If you don’t want your guests to see your outdoor light fixtures, you can always opt for flush lights. Flush lights (on Amazon) sit flat on the ground with only the bulb showing. This style of light makes for an incredibly clean and modern look. However, flush lights can be difficult to install for beginners.

Illuminate the Yard

Lighting up your front yard adds a welcoming atmosphere to your home. Front yard lights can also increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value. You have a wide array of options with these types of lights.

Use Spotlights and Downlighting

You can use spotlights (on Amazon) that point down to your yard to keep it illuminated, even on the darkest nights. Unlike floodlights, this style of exterior light is more narrow.

A more narrow light allows you to highlight different features and elements found outside your home.

Illuminate Architectural Elements and Features

With front yard lights (on Amazon), you can illuminate certain architectural elements, features, and designs found within your home. If you have a fountain outside your home, consider using spotlights or downlighting.

Alternatively, you can use wall-wash lighting to create and highlight interesting designs.

Use Garage Lights

Exterior garage lights are another popular solution to outdoor lighting. If your home allows it, you can use lights on the sides of your garage door to brighten up the area. Your garage is often one of the first features your guests will notice. Having your garage properly illuminated will make your home feel warm, inviting, and safe.

Mounted Garage Lighting

Mounted garage lights (on Amazon) are one of the most common exterior lighting solutions available. This style of light comes in a wide variety of designs and materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

Non-Visible Garage Lights

If you want something more modern and clean, you can opt for non-visible garage lights. This style of light conceals the bulb and fixture, reducing visual clutter. Keep in mind, though, you may have to find products that are compatible with your home or garage.

Mix and Match

One of the best parts of exterior lighting is that it can be mixed and matched. Outdoor lights give you the freedom to switch up designs and elements, creating visually appealing spaces. Outdoor spaces are naturally broken into different sections.

There are areas where people congregate, like barbecues and grills, where we naturally want to host events.

When we add furniture into the mix, like gazebo sets, we create defined and localized zones. Since these areas are unique, you can use different lighting fixtures and temperatures to reflect the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Consider Opposite Metals

Metal finishes are a popular option when it comes to exterior light fixtures. Metal fixtures are more likely to be scratch and chip-resistant, which adds to their overall longevity. This style of light also has the benefit of being budget-friendly.

With this style of light fixture, opposites attract. This means you can mix, match, and combine metal light fixtures. Consider mixing glossy finishes with matte. Or try mixing warm metal tones with cool shades. Combining these different elements can add a layer of visual interest to your front yard.

Match Specific Traits and Details

Combining front exterior lighting can lead to exciting spaces that pop and reflect your personality. However, without proper execution, mixing and matching outdoor lighting can quickly become tacky. To avoid this, pay close attention to the features and fixtures you’re considering.

Ensure there is at least one common trait between all your light fixtures. For instance, this could be the same style, glass type, material, or finish. Using fixtures with matching traits creates a more cohesive and finished look.

Don’t Forget The Size and Placement

We briefly touched on this subject earlier. However, it’s important to reiterate. Always consider the size and location of your outdoor space when choosing light fixtures.

Lights that are too small will go unnoticed and won’t add much to your front yard. Light fixtures that are too large run the risk of being overbearing in certain circumstances.

For the best results, try and keep all your light fixtures on the same scale. Using similar-sized light fixtures will ensure they serve their purpose without taking away from your property or outdoor space.

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