How To Secure Outdoor Furniture In The Wind: 11 Surefire Ways

If you live in a windy area, you’re probably tired of seeing your outdoor furniture being knocked around in the wind. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve tried multiple solutions and quick fixes. So, how can you actually secure your outdoor furniture in the wind?

It’s worth protecting both heavy and light outdoor furniture from the wind. Consider holding them down with heavy household objects or buying weights made specifically for furniture. You can also use bungee cords or stack your furniture together to hold it down.

If you’ve seen multiple sets of outdoor furniture fly off in the wind, don’t give up hope just yet. Switching to stronger materials, using weights, and tying down your furniture can be simple yet effective solutions. Here are 11 surefire ways you can secure your patio furniture during harsh storms.

Is Certain Furniture Material Matter Better in Strong Wind Conditions?

Patio Seating

When you consider the risk of natural elements, wind may not be the first thought that comes to your mind. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice breeze? Unfortunately, your furniture may not appreciate the wind as much as you do.

Furniture material does matter when it comes to wind and natural elements. Lightweight materials are more susceptible to flying around in the wind. Heavier materials like steel can withstand strong gusts during storms.

Heavy Materials Are Okay

If you haven’t purchased your outdoor furniture yet, or if you’re looking for a new patio set, consider heavier materials. Heavier furniture materials can include:

  • Certain Woods
  • Wrought Iron
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Steel

Heavier outdoor furniture sets are less likely to be blown and knocked around by harsh winds. Wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and certain hardwoods can be heavy enough and require no additional weights.

Lightweight Materials Aren’t a Good Option

For obvious reasons, lightweight materials are more likely to be blown away during harsh winds. Lightweight furniture materials can include:

  • Teak
  • Plastic
  • Cushions, upholstery, umbrellas

Lightweight plastics and teak furniture are more susceptible to suffer damage during hurricanes and storms. Fortunately, there are many ways you can secure lightweight furniture materials.

11 Ways to Secure Outdoor Furniture From Wind

Long gone are the days of peaking outside only to see your favorite chair cruising through the sky. Properly securing furniture from the wind ensures its longevity by preventing it from being knocked around and suffering from damages.

Securing outdoor furniture from the wind can be straightforward, cost-effective, and simple. Here are 11 surefire ways to secure your patio furniture from the wind.

Use Household Objects

One of the simplest ways to ensure your lightweight furniture doesn’t blow around in the wind is to use weights from around your house. Adding extra weight to your furniture will reduce the chances of damage and can be a DIY-friendly solution. Some household objects you can use include:

  • Gym weights
  • Books
  • Plastic bags filled with rocks/sand

If you’re going the DIY route, you can simply tie household objects to the legs of your furniture. Aim for a weight of 15-35lbs. Depending on your furniture, you may need more or less weight to properly secure it during harsh weather.

Use Proper Furniture Weights

Beauty garden with modern gazebo

Using proper furniture weights serves the same purpose as the DIY option above. The benefit of this solution is that you know you’re getting a quality product that remains aesthetically pleasing.

Canopy and Gazebo weights are readily available, affordable, and easy to use. If you’re worried about your umbrellas blowing away, they also make weighted bases (on Amazon) specifically designed for them.

Use a Natural Windbreak

Shrubbery, trees, and natural foliage all act as another layer of defense against harsh winds and elements. You can create a natural windbreak by planting bushes and thick plants on the perimeter of your property.

These plants won’t completely shut out all of the wind, but they’ll reduce the force of the natural elements significantly.

Secure Your Furniture With Bungee Cords

Another way you can secure your outdoor furniture against harsh winds is by tying it down using bungee cords (on Amazon). You can tie your different furniture pieces together, using their combined weight to hold them all down.

Alternatively, you can secure your furniture to a more permanent object like a heavy tree, fence, or beam. If you live in a location that has extreme winds or hurricanes, securing your furniture to a permanent object may be the best solution.

Stack Your Furniture Like Nesting Dolls

You’ve seen those cute Russian nesting dolls, right? Many furniture sets use the same concept in their designs, allowing you to stack and store pieces with ease.

If you have lightweight furniture such as plastic, try stacking your pieces together to help secure them during harsh winds. Stack your chairs, sofas, and other pieces in the corner of your property or against a wall to add an extra layer of protection.

Doing so combines the weight of your furniture, making it harder for them to get blown away or knocked around.

Secure Your Furniture To The Ground Using Earthquake Gel

If you live in an area that suffers from hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or even harsh storms, you should highly consider using earthquake gel. Earthquake gel (on Amazon) was initially created to prevent glassware from falling off of tables during earthquakes. Nowadays, homeowners use this compound to secure their patio furniture from the natural elements.

Simply apply the clear liquid to the bottom of your furniture and allow it to sit for 15 minutes.

Keep in mind earthquake gel will make it harder for you to move your furniture after applying. If you plan on moving or frequently adjusting your patio layout, this solution may not be for you.

Stake & Anchor Your Outdoor Furniture

If you keep your outdoor furniture on grass, you can use stakes and anchors to secure it in place. Outdoor furniture stakes (on Amazon) serve the same purpose as bungee chords, securing your furniture to permanent objects. Many furniture sets come with stakes and anchors included and pre-drilled holes to use them with.

Add an Extra Layer of Defense With Individual Covers

Individual covers (on Amazon) can act as another layer of protection from the wind and natural elements. Although covers aren’t necessarily heavy, they add additional weight and protection. Covering outdoor furniture protects it from moisture, debris, animals, and other damages.

Use Heavy-Duty Tarps For Large Backyards

Using heavy-duty tarps is another way you can protect your furniture from the wind and natural elements. Tarps serve the same purpose as individual coverings, sealing out moisture, debris, and other damages. Tarps are excellent solutions for those with larger backyards or patio sets. You can find heavy-duty water-resistant tarps (on Amazon) online for affordable prices.

Store Certain Pieces Inside

Outdoor furniture sets often come with umbrellas, cushions, upholstery, and other lightweight materials. Sometimes, these are the only components at risk of being blown away from the wind.

If your outdoor furniture’s frame is strong enough to withstand the wind, consider storing the cushions and upholstery inside. Doing so removes the chances of these components being blown away in the wind, getting stained, or suffering other damages.

When In Doubt, Bring It Inside

The simplest way to protect your outdoor furniture from the wind and natural elements is to bring it all inside. By bringing your outdoor furniture inside, you protect it from moisture, debris, wind, animals, and general wear and tear. Places you can store your furniture include:

  • Shed
  • Garage
  • House
  • Storage Unit

If your outdoor furniture set is fairly hefty, you may only need to bring them in during the harshest of storms. Instead of purchasing a storage unit or building a shed, consider bringing them inside to your living room during challenging nights.

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